It’s Jake from StateFarm…

Is he true?

Did his wife murder him for cheating?

Wouldn’t that be the most ironic, yet sad story ever!

“According to reports,” Jake was found murdered in his apartment. When I originally read this story I think I giggled. Probably not the best response to a reported murder, but it seemed to cheesy to be true. Murdered by his wife in a “fit of rage” when she found out he was cheating? I mean I guess if you are skeptical of most articles you find on Facebook, a giggle might be a somewhat common response.. The details from this “story” just made it too ironic to feel true. It felt like an episode of Law & Order gone bad.

“Jake” took to his twitter to let reassure the world that he is in fact, alive. “Long live khakis.”

To help concerned, khaki loving citizens another article was posted to make clear that Jake had not actually been murdered by his scorned wife. This article pointed out many important facts. Some such as if he had really been murdered that he would have been identified by his birth name and not by his actor name. Another point made was that if it were meant to be a “satirical” story that it would have made more sense if the actor who played the husband had been the one murdered.

Word to the wise, don’t believe everything you read, especially on Facebook!

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The great debate

So the question is, what role does the U.S. President have in the legality of abortion. Hmm.

Back in the 70’s there was a pretty huge case called Row v Wade. In this case the Supreme Court found that women had “total autonomy over the pregnancy during the first trimester and defined different levels of state interest for the second and third trimesters.” In this case it was the Supreme Court that decided in a state where abortion had previously been illegal. This decision also effected 46 other states where abortions were illegal.

The ProCon site has a lot of great information obviously on the pros and cons of abortion, but I think also some that many don’t consider.

In March 30, 2001, Obama reportedly was “the only Illinois senator who rose to speak against a bill that would have protected babies who survived late-term labor-induced abortion.” In his objection he stated, “that if passed, and a nine-month-old fetus survived a late-term labor-induced abortion was deemed to be a person who had a right to live, then the law would ‘forbid abortions to take place.'” It was also found that during President Bush’s time in office that abortion rates decreased when they had previously thought to have risen.

In my findings it appears to me that since the 70’s legal abortion has been more of a problem with churches and people who believe themselves to be morally profound rather than the state. Whether Obama is using abortion as a means for ‘supporting infanticide’ or if he truly is protecting women’s rights, he is helping to keep abortion legal. That to this day upsets folks, but at the same time protects women. In a previously quoted article about the pros and cons of abortions, it is made clear the difference in safety for women when abortions are legal and not.

I believe the president has a firm hand in whether or not abortion remains legal or ever becomes illegal again. He or eventually she may not have direct say, but everyone has a strong opinion about this key topic and it’s not going away.

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It’s about time!

It seems like I find so many articles on Facebook and I’m usually curious if they’re true. Especially when I found an article about Sesame Street gaining a new character who has autism. I could barely contain my excitement. It seems like so many people in this day don’t know how to react to a child or even adults who have special needs or disabilities. I think it’s going to be amazing to teach children at a young age that people with special needs are different but not in a bad way.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at the pumpkin patch and I guess I should preface this by saying I’ve always

I should preface this by saying I’ve always gotten along well with people who are different or stand out. A couple of weeks ago on a trip to the pumpkin patch (my first time) with some friends, we were watching the pig races. Probably the cutest thing ever! There were families everywhere and possibly more children than adults. I noticed a man with his son sitting in his lap and a possible German Shepard puppy lying under the bench they sat on. The boy, who couldn’t have been older than seven, started making some noise which turned into enough that his mom came over to take him and his service dog to some other part of the pumpkin patch. The boy stood up and didn’t seem like wanted to go anywhere. His dad got him up and I heard him say he would go with his mom and then handed her the leash. I guess it was a special leash because there was a handle or loop closer to the dog and the father put the boy’s arm in it. The boy fussed a bit more as he went off with him mom and other people started to turn around and some stared as they left.

Anyway, back to what I was saying before. I think having a character with autism on Sesame Street is one of the best ideas they’ve had in years. Not only will she help children learn about autism, but she will teach them how to act around someone with special needs and how to treat them.

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To raise gas prices, or not. That is the question.

I’ve never really thought much about gas prices except to complain when they’re high or celebrate when they’re lower. My parents like to talk about how low prices were when I was a kid or how much lower they were when they were kids, but in my naivety I guess I thought the prices depended on the quantity of gas. Let me make it clear that I’ve never looked into the cause or thought any more about it beyond filling up my gas tank.

So now that it’s peaked my interest, does the President control the gas prices or is it decided by some other factors?

Once I started looking into the facts though, I was surprised to find from Boehner that North America is becoming more independent and that prices will possibly continue to fall. Awesome!! I also found that the prices of gas were largely affected by the “oilmen of North Dakota and Texas” in the same article from above.

As much as everyone would like to believe Obama has everything to do with the prices of gas he has some to do with it. I’ve found that through the House of Representatives bills are approved or denied. In this case, Obama proposed a policy in 2009, I believe and then it got sent to the House of Representatives. I’m not great with understanding the government and how it works. It’s a topic I find more confusing than interesting, (Sorry if you feel the opposite) but I guess all branches of the government are meant to not be influenced by other branches… Each part of the government has their own responsibilities and influences.

Anyway, in another article Obama had no problem claiming he was the reason behind the low gas prices even though in one of the previous articles it was found that the prices had increased since he entered office.

So I guess with what I’ve found is that he may only have a little to do with it in proposing bills and things like that, but cannot directly have an effect on the price of gas. Pretty much he just can’t say gas is $100 a gallon, and thank god for that!

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October means Breast Cancer Awareness

During the month of October everyone starts to see tons of pink and for as long as I can remember has been Breast Cancer Awareness month which is usually supported by the Susan G Komen foundation. So my question, especially after visiting their webpage and hearing so much about them, is what percent of what is donated actually goes to the research and prevention of breast cancer.

My mom had a scare a couple of years ago and I would like to think it made us all appreciate the time we have with one another that much more. She has always been a big supporter of Susan G Komen and their cause. She donates money and time and energy. There is a walk in St. Louis, MO every October that she and a handful of her friends participate in.

So this year someone on my Facebook posted a link to an article they read about why they don’t support the Komen foundation and why others shouldn’t. This piqued my interest since my mom is such a devout supporter. Upon reading I found that this woman, Lisa, had metastatic breast cancer and after her recovery she became active in donating and to participating in events hosted by the Komen foundation. She mentions after a certain point that she started to become irritated by all the pink and the crazy ways that Komen had started advertising. She mentioned one of these almost controversial methods was partnering with Mike’s Hard Lemonade which she found fishy since alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer.

Anyway, I won’t tell the whole story. I just found it interesting when you stop being a sheeple and going with the flow and actually find things out for yourself, you’d be amazed at what you find.

It seems like the Komen foundation is more about (if there is one) the glamorous side of breast. Donate and get this pink thing. Pink this, pink that.

Sites such as BCAction, if donated to will send and update to let you know what is happening with you donation and the possible progress it’s making. Their site also mentions other organizations that you can donate to for cancer research. It seems like many organizations are becoming huge and not properly distributing donations. Instead they’re growing their name or their brand to make themselves look better.

Other sites just want to make it clear that there are other organizations to go through and even took the time to kind of rank these organizations and give a pretty detailed account of where the money comes from and then where it goes.

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Common vs. Standard

What is this common core math crap?!

I have a little sister who is in 4th grade. I was home once while she in probably 2nd grade and was working on her math homework and she asked me for help. First of all, that’s terrifying for her to ask me (I am in no way someone that anyone should ask for help especially with math, ever!) Second, when I looked at her homework to try to get an understanding of what she was learning I felt stupid. I had no idea how to even comprehend what she was doing. I saw numbers but none of it made any sense. I asked her what it was and she laughingly said math. So I had to ask my dad who is the one that generally helps her with math and science and history and those type of classes.

When he tried to explain it to me, it was not sinking in or making any sense at all. I’m used to the standard type of math that you occasionally need your fingers to help you with, not some cockamamie new learning style that to the untrained eye looks like gibberish.

I read an article a few weeks back about a dad and his struggles with common core math and it made me smile.

I guess I don’t understand why (still) that math needs to be revamped and made so complicated. What happens when these common core kids get into college and their professors aren’t teaching in that style? Maybe I’m just one of those old souls that doesn’t like change (I know I am), but what happens in the future when someone realizes maybe this crap is just that and all these children have to learn the standard style of math? They’re going to be so confused. I’m already confused for them.

What happens when I have kids and my husband and I can’t help our kids with their homework? That is not ok. Parents are supposed to be able to help their kids and even be able to understand what their kids are being taught.

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Is organic truly better for you?

I am new to the organic world and have not yet completely converted. Some things are still so convenient even if they might possibly be harmful. I would say it’s a slow process, but a worth while one.

I’ve never really thought that my skin was all that sensitive, but as of late (maybe since turning the big 2-5) it has been. The smallest amount of stress can cause my face to break out and with being in school and a terrible habit of constantly touching my face; it happens more than I would like. So I thought maybe I’ll try a new face wash and shampoo since that is always in my face.

Being an avid lover of Etsy, I thought why not look on here for someone and ask their expertise on what to do. I found Rina and I adore her! She was so knowledgeable and helpful in finding products that could work best for me. Once I gave her products a try, I was immediately hooked. My face is smoother and I have less trouble areas even with that constant face touching. On top of a face bar, I purchased a shampoo bar. That was a challenge to get used to, but my hair feels so much cleaner and healthier.

Now to make another point, if I can ever motivate myself to fully go organic, I’m incredibly excited that McCormick has decided to go organic! I’ve always used their spices and different products they offer and I think it’s great that they are in a way, taking advantage of organic and doing this now! Good for them, I’ll be waiting to try these new items and see the difference!

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