It’s Jake from StateFarm…

Is he true? Did his wife murder him for cheating? Wouldn’t that be the most ironic, yet sad story ever! “According to reports,” Jake was found murdered in his apartment. When I originally read this story I think I giggled. Probably not the best response to a reported murder, but it seemed to cheesy to be […]

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The great debate

So the question is, what role does the U.S. President have in the legality of abortion. Hmm. Back in the 70’s there was a pretty huge case called Row v Wade. In this case the Supreme Court found that women had “total autonomy over the pregnancy during the first trimester and defined different levels of […]

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It’s about time!

It seems like I find so many articles on Facebook and I’m usually curious if they’re true. Especially when I found an article about Sesame Street gaining a new character who has autism. I could barely contain my excitement. It seems like so many people in this day don’t know how to react to a child or even […]

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Common vs. Standard

What is this common core math crap?! I have a little sister who is in 4th grade. I was home once while she in probably 2nd grade and was working on her math homework and she asked me for help. First of all, that’s terrifying for her to ask me (I am in no way someone […]

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Is organic truly better for you?

I am new to the organic world and have not yet completely converted. Some things are still so convenient even if they might possibly be harmful. I would say it’s a slow process, but a worth while one. I’ve never really thought that my skin was all that sensitive, but as of late (maybe since […]

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