Close friends are a rare find

Since moving to a new state, away from my entire family and family, away from all the comforts of home and most everyone I’ve ever met, I’ve started to realize how hard it is to make friends that are worth a damn.

I think I’ve always been a little socially awkward and have always found it challenging to fit in with the “normal” kids. Now as an adult I’ve definitely realized how much I cherish the few friends I do have back home. I keep seeing this picture on Facebook and Instagram which is nice in theory, but when you have a hard time making friends or at least friends worth your time, having friends far away is almost more discouraging than it is helpful.

When I’m feeling sad or lonely I think it lingers longer since I don’t have any close friend here with me. It’s hard. Texting and phone calls only do so much. Nothing compares to a drive down a winding road with your best friends, screaming along with the radio and the windows down.

Certain times throughout the year makes me miss them even more. The holidays when we do travel home are bittersweet because someone always gets left out, usually due to time restraints but so far it hasn’t gotten any easier.

When I was younger I had a pretty large group of who I thought were friends, but looking back they were mostly acquaintances who only lasted a month or so. There were a couple that stuck around for years, but even now, one person is left. She is my bestest best friend. I love her to pieces and we’ve been through more than I could ever imagine. She’s one of those weird people who I feel completely comfortable around. IMG_59038423864420

I guess I never realized how important friends were until moving. Growing up I always dream’t of leaving my home town and thought about how much I hated it there, it wasn’t until recently I found how much I miss “home,” everyone and everything I left behind. I think now I know more than ever what these people mean to me.

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