A weird Saturday spent adulting

This past Saturday was spent being an adult and doing grown up things. This to most probably sounds incredibly boring, but I am not like most adults. I think I’m still working on the whole, “acting my age” thing.

1Saturday started slowly, as the sun lurked through the clouds. Being the child-like adults we are, Dave and I decided getting out the house was a necessity to ward off the boredom.

With full bellies and adventure in our eyes, we departed around 12:30 ready for some fun.


With no real direction in mind, we sort of aimlessly drove through town.

Wondering about, we happened upon a fire. When we saw it, it looked like a house had possibly burnt down. 34

I thought this truck fit us perfectly. “We’re different.” We are, it’s what I like most about us.

The more we drove, the more restless I started to get plus there was a bit of road rage building up(and I wasn’t even driving).

So what do you do when you get bored but don’t want to go home?


Get a car wash. It’s a quick and colorful distraction.



Our little car almost didn’t make it over the bumps that hold your car in place. It’s definitely no lifted Jeep.

Car washes are peaceful. They’re one of those times when it feels necessary to turn the radio down and just watch and listen.


It’s also nice to have a car worthy of a nice, colorful wash.



I honestly don’t think automatic car washes last long enough. And my personal opinion is that they need to get something to better clean the wheel wells. (Only adult opinion of the day)

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