Tattoo lip stain


So I found this new lip stain in a video on Facebook(maybe I should get a life, probably not) and thought I had to try it out.

For the last couple of years I’ve been pretty fascinated with lipsticks and lip stains. I don’t wear them often lately though because most come off and look awful if you can’t immediately reapply. I’ve been hoping for some magical thing to come along and finally! It’s here!

After watching a tutorial about how to apply this miracle lip stain I had to find it. Since I don’t have a subscription to Memebox or an Ipsy Glam Bag or any of those sample kits, I took to and found it!

Initially, my skeptical side reared its sarcastic head. To make sure I was doing it correctly, I re-watched the original video I found a few times since the instructions are not in English.

Applying it for the first time, the only struggle I had was trying not to drool and I guess getting it pretty precise. I would recommend if you think you’ll have a problem with drooling as well that you lie on your back(it helps, promise). So after letting it dry for probably longer than suggested, I peeled it off and it actually worked!


Since I applied this wonderful gift from the makeup gods later in the day, I couldn’t get a good idea of how long it lasted and looked good. I decided that I wanted to try it again the next day. Word to the wise, if you choose to reapply the next day, make sure that if you have any dead skin on your lips that you get it off. Sadly I made this mistake. So not realizing that I had some chapped lips, I applied this, waited the proper amount of time and started to peel the gloss off. When I got it all off is when I realized that the color and dead skin peeled off when I peeled the gloss off. Kind of ew, but lesson learned. If you don’t want splotchy lips, then make sure you have time and that your lips aren’t the least bit chapped.

The moral of the story is that this stuff really does work! The color is great and it lasts through eating and drinking and cute little kisses.

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