Put your phone down and go outside

How often do we all just sit and stare at our phones wasting a beautiful day inside?

I know for me personally I’ll notice how amazing it is outside and think that I should enjoy it, but then I don’t. I’ll start working on something, cleaning the house or some homework assignment, but most times I usually end up inside watching tv or playing on my phone avoiding my homework.

Why though? Why have we become so lazy and so easily bored?

There are a ton of kids in my neighborhood but it seems like the only ones I hear or see playing are the ones next door. It makes me glad though, sometimes it’s mildly annoying but I’m glad their mom either makes them go out or they do it on their own.

So why is being outside such an improvement to staying in?

Studies show playing outside can not only help children exercise but can improve vision and social skills. Maybe that’s something I missed out on. I’m uncomfortably awkward and have terrible vision. I was the only kid in a neighborhood full of older couples. It was lonely but what can you do about it now.

It’s more beneficial to go outside and get a little dirty than it is to stay inside and become lazy and boring! Go outside!

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