Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I learned I think back in high school the meaning and where is started, but I don’t think I ever learned where and when pumpkin carving came about.

While researching the topic I found out that jack-o-lantern’s originate from an Irish folktale. “Stingy Jack” was the nickname of a man who deceived the devil multiple times and seemed to have lived a very depressing and lonely life even after death.

Dating back even further, I found a story dating back to 700 B.C. This story tells of ancient Druids who believed dead souls would return to “mingle with the living on ‘hallowed eve.'”

unnamed (1)I found quite a few more stories, it looks like most cultures and religions have their own stories as to the origin of either Halloween or where pumpkin carving started and how.

I’ve loved Halloween since I was a kid. Getting to dress up and be whatever you want and free candy. Now days I think for kids it’s almost more about free candy and staying up late to eat it. And maybe dressing up as your favorite character and getting to wear it in public. As an adult it seems to be about getting drunk while dressed up as say maybe, the SNL Spartan Cheerleaders.unnamed Why is it that we no longer celebrate where the holidays come from?

I guess when I start having kids, I’ll start new traditions and teach them the real meaning of holidays and we’ll celebrate the history that has brought us to what we have today.

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