Jerry Springer is my spirit animal

Why is it that “trash” tv is so entertaining?

Personally, it makes me feel more sane and like my life isn’t as screwed up as I sometimes think it is. When I’m feeling down I like to watch these random people who are dumb enough for their fifteen-minutes of fame and get a good laugh in.

It seems like most tv anymore is trash. Doing some research, I realized that most of the shows I’ve watched in my young life are truly garbage. My boyfriend likes to make fun of me when he catches me watching Jerry Springer, which I have to admit that it has become the same thing everyday, but who doesn’t love watching people embarrass themselves. It makes anytime I feel embarrassed, less embarrassing. Funny how that works.

I think it’s funny when folks try to tell you that trash tv is a problem. Tv has become a mind numbing and boring activity. It’s what you do to veg out after a long day at work or when you become so behind in your homework that the only option is to avoid it more. (ok, maybe not that last one) But tv has to have some catch otherwise it wouldn’t be around anymore.

Many tv stations have gone from truly wonderful things like when MTV first came out to the “trendy” bullshit it is today. Do they even play good music anymore?

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