It’s Jake from StateFarm…

Is he true?

Did his wife murder him for cheating?

Wouldn’t that be the most ironic, yet sad story ever!

“According to reports,” Jake was found murdered in his apartment. When I originally read this story I think I giggled. Probably not the best response to a reported murder, but it seemed to cheesy to be true. Murdered by his wife in a “fit of rage” when she found out he was cheating? I mean I guess if you are skeptical of most articles you find on Facebook, a giggle might be a somewhat common response.. The details from this “story” just made it too ironic to feel true. It felt like an episode of Law & Order gone bad.

“Jake” took to his twitter to let reassure the world that he is in fact, alive. “Long live khakis.”

To help concerned, khaki loving citizens another article was posted to make clear that Jake had not actually been murdered by his scorned wife. This article pointed out many important facts. Some such as if he had really been murdered that he would have been identified by his birth name and not by his actor name. Another point made was that if it were meant to be a “satirical” story that it would have made more sense if the actor who played the husband had been the one murdered.

Word to the wise, don’t believe everything you read, especially on Facebook!


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