To raise gas prices, or not. That is the question.

I’ve never really thought much about gas prices except to complain when they’re high or celebrate when they’re lower. My parents like to talk about how low prices were when I was a kid or how much lower they were when they were kids, but in my naivety I guess I thought the prices depended on the quantity of gas. Let me make it clear that I’ve never looked into the cause or thought any more about it beyond filling up my gas tank.

So now that it’s peaked my interest, does the President control the gas prices or is it decided by some other factors?

Once I started looking into the facts though, I was surprised to find from Boehner that North America is becoming more independent and that prices will possibly continue to fall. Awesome!! I also found that the prices of gas were largely affected by the “oilmen of North Dakota and Texas” in the same article from above.

As much as everyone would like to believe Obama has everything to do with the prices of gas he has some to do with it. I’ve found that through the House of Representatives bills are approved or denied. In this case, Obama proposed a policy in 2009, I believe and then it got sent to the House of Representatives. I’m not great with understanding the government and how it works. It’s a topic I find more confusing than interesting, (Sorry if you feel the opposite) but I guess all branches of the government are meant to not be influenced by other branches… Each part of the government has their own responsibilities and influences.

Anyway, in another article Obama had no problem claiming he was the reason behind the low gas prices even though in one of the previous articles it was found that the prices had increased since he entered office.

So I guess with what I’ve found is that he may only have a little to do with it in proposing bills and things like that, but cannot directly have an effect on the price of gas. Pretty much he just can’t say gas is $100 a gallon, and thank god for that!


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