October means Breast Cancer Awareness

During the month of October everyone starts to see tons of pink and for as long as I can remember has been Breast Cancer Awareness month which is usually supported by the Susan G Komen foundation. So my question, especially after visiting their webpage and hearing so much about them, is what percent of what is donated actually goes to the research and prevention of breast cancer.

My mom had a scare a couple of years ago and I would like to think it made us all appreciate the time we have with one another that much more. She has always been a big supporter of Susan G Komen and their cause. She donates money and time and energy. There is a walk in St. Louis, MO every October that she and a handful of her friends participate in.

So this year someone on my Facebook posted a link to an article they read about why they don’t support the Komen foundation and why others shouldn’t. This piqued my interest since my mom is such a devout supporter. Upon reading I found that this woman, Lisa, had metastatic breast cancer and after her recovery she became active in donating and to participating in events hosted by the Komen foundation. She mentions after a certain point that she started to become irritated by all the pink and the crazy ways that Komen had started advertising. She mentioned one of these almost controversial methods was partnering with Mike’s Hard Lemonade which she found fishy since alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer.

Anyway, I won’t tell the whole story. I just found it interesting when you stop being a sheeple and going with the flow and actually find things out for yourself, you’d be amazed at what you find.

It seems like the Komen foundation is more about (if there is one) the glamorous side of breast. Donate and get this pink thing. Pink this, pink that.

Sites such as BCAction, if donated to will send and update to let you know what is happening with you donation and the possible progress it’s making. Their site also mentions other organizations that you can donate to for cancer research. It seems like many organizations are becoming huge and not properly distributing donations. Instead they’re growing their name or their brand to make themselves look better.

Other sites just want to make it clear that there are other organizations to go through and even took the time to kind of rank these organizations and give a pretty detailed account of where the money comes from and then where it goes.


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