Renting…throwing your money away?

I’ve heard from different relatives and friends that renting an apartment or house is the same as throwing your money away. Maybe, and in some situations completely!

In those situations though, I’m grateful I didn’t own the property. However, if I had owned the property the problems would have been fixed and promptly. I’ve been renting different locations and in different states for seven years now and have had pretty decent luck, until now. It isn’t the worst case possible and I’m not living in filth, yet the house I have been renting for over a year now is somewhat falling apart. I’m going to choose just one thing to complain about to make my point.

Upon moving in, my boyfriend and I were not made aware that our new home sat vacant for at least four years or that the landlord had done little to no maintenance prior to us moving in. Our neighbors filled us in on this great news in early July. Since I had just moved to Arkansas and wasn’t working or in school I got the awesome job of staying in and cleaning until our house was at a desirable cleanliness standard.

I was taught mostly by my stepmom how to cook and clean and what a house should look like. I didn’t appreciate it at the time and sometimes I wish I could live in filth (no, not really), but now I’m glad that I truly know how to take care of a home and make it look inviting and just not absolutely disgusting!

Anyway, in our new home, the first thing we noticed while entering through the front door was that it was kind of off. door1  You would think as a property owner the first thing you would want to fix before showing a house let alone renting it to someone would be to fix the front door! Obviously not.

Within a week we got our first rain in good ole Arkansas. Along with this rain we heard an odd sound. Our front door was leaking, inside the door, down the glass into the entryway. Upon this realization I took another picturedoor2 so we would have proof with time stamps in hopes of this problem being fixed.

After paying rent the next month and making the company aware of the situation and inquiring about a permanent fix. December finally rolls around and; you guessed it. Our door has started looking like this; door3 which is definitely still not fixed nor has anyone been out to look at it or anything.

It is now September and we are out of this rental. It’s a happy yet bittersweet feeling. The door now looks like this door4 which is so beautiful (total sarcasm!), but we do have fond memories within this home. It was our first, but we feel bad for whoever rents it after us. To you we say, good luck and do your research and please look at all your options before you think you’ve found the right place for you!


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