Is organic truly better for you?

I am new to the organic world and have not yet completely converted. Some things are still so convenient even if they might possibly be harmful. I would say it’s a slow process, but a worth while one.

I’ve never really thought that my skin was all that sensitive, but as of late (maybe since turning the big 2-5) it has been. The smallest amount of stress can cause my face to break out and with being in school and a terrible habit of constantly touching my face; it happens more than I would like. So I thought maybe I’ll try a new face wash and shampoo since that is always in my face.

Being an avid lover of Etsy, I thought why not look on here for someone and ask their expertise on what to do. I found Rina and I adore her! She was so knowledgeable and helpful in finding products that could work best for me. Once I gave her products a try, I was immediately hooked. My face is smoother and I have less trouble areas even with that constant face touching. On top of a face bar, I purchased a shampoo bar. That was a challenge to get used to, but my hair feels so much cleaner and healthier.

Now to make another point, if I can ever motivate myself to fully go organic, I’m incredibly excited that McCormick has decided to go organic! I’ve always used their spices and different products they offer and I think it’s great that they are in a way, taking advantage of organic and doing this now! Good for them, I’ll be waiting to try these new items and see the difference!


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