Common vs. Standard

What is this common core math crap?!

I have a little sister who is in 4th grade. I was home once while she in probably 2nd grade and was working on her math homework and she asked me for help. First of all, that’s terrifying for her to ask me (I am in no way someone that anyone should ask for help especially with math, ever!) Second, when I looked at her homework to try to get an understanding of what she was learning I felt stupid. I had no idea how to even comprehend what she was doing. I saw numbers but none of it made any sense. I asked her what it was and she laughingly said math. So I had to ask my dad who is the one that generally helps her with math and science and history and those type of classes.

When he tried to explain it to me, it was not sinking in or making any sense at all. I’m used to the standard type of math that you occasionally need your fingers to help you with, not some cockamamie new learning style that to the untrained eye looks like gibberish.

I read an article a few weeks back about a dad and his struggles with common core math and it made me smile.

I guess I don’t understand why (still) that math needs to be revamped and made so complicated. What happens when these common core kids get into college and their professors aren’t teaching in that style? Maybe I’m just one of those old souls that doesn’t like change (I know I am), but what happens in the future when someone realizes maybe this crap is just that and all these children have to learn the standard style of math? They’re going to be so confused. I’m already confused for them.

What happens when I have kids and my husband and I can’t help our kids with their homework? That is not ok. Parents are supposed to be able to help their kids and even be able to understand what their kids are being taught.


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