But it’s just so delicious!


There is a difference between stuffing your face so full that you can’t breathe and enjoying your food. Obesity in animals is a problem, but it’s even worse in human beings.

I think it’s finally becoming clear to folks that it’s not healthy. At the same time I keep seeing on Facebook and the internet that being overweight is becoming some glorified freedom of speech thing. Just stop! I get that we’re all slowing dying, but the harder your body has to work, the faster you’re destroying it.

I’m not fat bashing at all (I happen to be quite chunky, just not as happy about it), I’m just throwing out there that there are better options that are in fact, delicious! My whole life I’ve been told I need to lose weight. Maybe so, but I would much rather accept myself for what I am. Of course I would like to shed some pounds, but I think I would also rather find a size or a self-image of myself I like. Something to where I can look in a mirror, know what I see and love that. I’m not there but I’m working on it.

There’s a site known as Pinterest where you can find a recipe for pretty much anything you could think of. If you have a few things in your pantry or some item that sounds good but you want to make a meal out of it there is a site that will help you build an entire recipe from what ingredients you might have.

Life is what you make it. If you’re happy then be happy and love yourself. If you’re not happy, then do something about it. Only you can make yourself happy! (Great life lessons)


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