Why would anyone aim to be like Heisenberg….

I’m not sure why, but regular everyday folks must be completely unsatisfied with their lives to want to mimic a drug and crime based show where no one has a happy ending except maybe Jesse and that isn’t what I would call happy in the least. So why is it that there have been numerous cases of people being arrested for doing these stupid things?

Just the other day I was reading about a guy that was on the internet black market(which maybe I’m just naive and didn’t realize existed) looking to buy this ricin stuff. Well, he should have known better because this is the real world and most people don’t get away with this kind of thing. So now, “lucky” him, he’s serving eight years for attempting to buy a known poImage result for mcgruff the crime dogison.

Then apparently back in August a French student’s body was found partially dissolved in acid, um, hello! It’s known as the “breaking bad copy cat crime” and makes me want to go on an anti-drug PSA tour. (Coming not so soon to a city no where close to you!) This poor girls mother found her! How awful and heartbreaking; kids, don’t do drugs.

I guess I’m flabbergasted as to how these students thought they wouldn’t get caught or thought this was a normal way to handle business. Even Walter White got caught, by his own family. Final PSA, crime doesn’t pay.


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