Invisibility Cloaks! I need one!

My favorite question to ask anyone as a kid was what super power they would choose because; well who wouldn’t want some sort of super power?!

Early on I was fixated with invisibility. I think mostly because I’ve always been somewhat awkward and unsure of myself. Anyway, browsing twitter as I rarely do, I stumbled upon an article about how researchers at Berkeley have created an super, tiny invisibility cloak. Incredibly tiny it may be but massively impressive!

The article states how the science behind the cloak works; light bouncing off objects and distorting. “[M]aking a flat mirror appear,” the researchers claim “[it] could be programmed to match the background behind the object.”

How stinking amazing! Quoted as, “[t]he future of hide and seek.” I think this item, once to a size capable of covering a fully grown man could have pros and cons.

Sign me up, name your price! It shall be mine.


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