Naivety at its worst.

Recently there have been ridiculous claims by customers of Huggies brand wipes. I recently had a brief conversation with my boyfriends mother. One afternoon I had read an article on Facebook and watched an accompanying video of a woman who was hysterical and absolutely beside herself at what she believed to be shards of glass in her infants wipes. Terri, whom is about to become a grandmother for the first time (no it isn’t me) I thought might be interested in this story, so I proceeded to send the link to her in a text. To quote her, “did she stop to think her fingers would be bleeding if it was glass?”

I guess that is where common sense isn’t so common anymore. While watching the video of the woman become hysterical not once did she stop to think, hmm, my finger isn’t bleeding so this is definitely glass. I understand being concerned for the safety of her child and I think Huggies was smart to respond with an article about how the wipes are not made with or near glass.

While these wipes are not made with glass; some children may have more sensitive skin when it comes to these chemical reactions than others might. This is where common sense would come in handy. Parents would be able to determine for themselves what their child is experiencing instead of freak out at the word of someone they’ve probably never and will never met.


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