But it’s just so delicious!

There is a difference between stuffing your face so full that you can’t breathe and enjoying your food. Obesity in animals is a problem, but it’s even worse in human beings. I think it’s finally becoming clear to folks that it’s not healthy. At the same time I keep seeing on Facebook and the internet that being overweight […]

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Allergies or dementia?

A few years ago while living with my Granny she had been regularly taking benadryl at night to help her get to sleep. I had only ever heard it used as an antihistamine since that is what it is labeled as. She read one day in the news a new and possibly alarming side effect of long term […]

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Invisibility Cloaks! I need one!

My favorite question to ask anyone as a kid was what super power they would choose because; well who wouldn’t want some sort of super power?! Early on I was fixated with invisibility. I think mostly because I’ve always been somewhat awkward and unsure of myself. Anyway, browsing twitter as I rarely do, I stumbled […]

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Naivety at its worst.

Recently there have been ridiculous claims by customers of Huggies brand wipes. I recently had a brief conversation with my boyfriends mother. One afternoon I had read an article on Facebook and watched an accompanying video of a woman who was hysterical and absolutely beside herself at what she believed to be shards of glass in […]

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