Who’s smarter? Cats Vs. Dogs


I think this debate is about as old as the chicken and the egg.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion and have a bias to one animal over the other. I personally am a cat person. Born and raised, team cats! I’ve had cats and dogs since I was a kid, but have always had more of a crazy cat lady. At one point I had three of my own and loved them all.

All of that is kind of beside the point. I think there are more angles than just cat vs. dog. For me it depends on the situation and whether or not it’s my cat and dog.

If there were to be a Zombie Apocalypse a dog would win, hands down and every time. He would at least know to run away and avoid the scary un-dead-dead thing coming at him. If it were a situation in which I encounter daily where I’m standing at the top of the stairs looking over the balcony trying to get both animals attention and only the cat is smart enough to actually look at me, while the dog runs in circles because he can’t find me.

I don’t know if there really is an answer to this argument, but more each person having their own opinion. My boyfriend would probably always side with our dog, but he isn’t really a fan of cats. He’s had cats and dogs since childhood, but has always favored dogs.

Both animals are just so eternally different that if an unbiased person had to decide it could be difficult. Each animal has various differences in intelligence, behaviors, attitudes and traits. Maybe we shouldn’t compare these two.






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