The epitome of term

Many times on this site I have used pictures of my own cat and dog, but only because they’re just so derpy. My dog, Tator, is definitely the epitome of the term. Goofy, a bit slow, unknowingly special, and weird. He’s such a good dog and it makes it even better when he does something silly. He is a Basset and does a lot of really weird things, mostly I think because he doesn’t know any better. Sometimes when he wakes up from a nap suddenly, his face will stick in odd ways and he just looks special. Or there will be times when I’m trying to take pictures and I catch a shot of him mid movement. When I’m quick enough its magical.


Like any dog, he gets in the way and drives me crazy, but with Tator I really have no right to complain. He’s the best dog I could imagine. He may be way too lazy for his own good, but when I’m feeling down or need a walking partner, he’s always there. He is one of the special ones and he fits perfectly in my life with all the other special people.


He is my derpy doge!

Not the first definition, mostly the third through the sixth.


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