Oh the treasures I find.

I love flea markets and thrift stores. The random trinkets and crap you can find is sometimes amazing. I love walking through the door and just exploring the shelves looking at everything before me. Sometimes I’m not so lucky as to find anything worth buying, but other times I find things worthy of a “WTF” and a picture.

On a recent trip home, my boyfriend and I stopped by an unfamiliar flea market place that my mom had recommended. Her and my step-dad had found a goofy stuffed moose and told us the place had a bunch. We found Gringo Jones and entered, looked around not finding anything like what they had purchased. Then the last room we walked into, I looked up and found a coat rack or possible red-neck gun rack. I’m still not sure what it was or why anyone would create or even pay money for it.


We got a good laugh at it and I still am not sure what the creator was thinking. I’m thinking drugs were possibly involved, but it weirded me out so we left pretty quickly after to more than likely never return.

Like I said in the beginning, there are some flea markets that are full of great and wondrous finds! In the town next to the one I grew up in was my favorite flea market yet. Homestead Flea Market in Meadow Brook always had different things on its shelves. Always a vast variety of antique and new items to be searched through.

I think every time I go into a flea market anywhere else, I try to compare it to Homestead and often they just don’t.




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