It starts with a single memory

Alzheimer’s is no joke. It’s honestly one of the hardest things I’ve watched anyone go through. I haven’t experienced many deaths and for that I am grateful however, I did watch my great-grandma, Grams, deteriorate because of this awful disease. Not only did it effect Grams, but everyone in the family. My grandmother, Marlene, was the one who cared mostly for Grams; they were mother and daughter. Watching her grow weaker and more forgetful was heart-breaking, there were times when she didn’t know anyone. Her own daughter would be sitting before her holding her hand and she couldn’t recognize her. Other times there were a few nicknames that would make her smile and we knew she was with us. “Jerry-baby” and “Joli-Moli.”


After losing her, we all started to heal knowing she was in a better place and happy.

My grandmother is now in her mid-70’s and is starting to show signs of the disease. I think this time around it’s harder. I’m older and I know what’s happening and sadly I am not there to help or spend more time with her.

It breaks my heart everyday knowing that both of these women went through and are going through something that they can’t do anything about. Grams was probably the strongest woman I knew and raised one hell of a strong and caring woman. I’m so glad to have had and have them in my life. They helped make me the woman I am and I love that some of the memories I have of them I was able to share with other family members.

I wish so badly that I could do something to take it away or stop the progression, but there hasn’t been a cure found yet.  This disease is awful and it makes everyone touched by it feel a certain amount of helpless. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Cherish your loved ones and never take them for granted. They are precious.



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