I love ME

me“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this life.” Lucille Ball

I have only recently become a confident person in myself. Growing up I had a ton of insecurities and it seemed there was always someone there to poke at them and make them worse. When I was 18, I had my first real boyfriend and relied on him completely for emotional security and support. I had almost no self-confidence and probably would have hidden from the world if I had the choice. It was only after we broke up that I had to depend on only myself for that confidence and to feel pretty. It took a good three years to really find my backbone and to be happy with who I was. It was an awful struggle, but one that I am grateful for everyday.

When I found love for myself, life seemed to get easier and better. I felt myself walking taller and being myself outside of just my house. I was able to make new and real friends. I was more fun to be around and I learned to make others laugh and then laugh with them.

When I was getting really comfortable being alone and happy that way, things changed. I was faced with a new challenge. Being happy with someone and keeping my confidence.

Don’t get me wrong I still struggle with insecurities, they don’t just go away, but I am able to shut them out and tell myself to shut up when I’m being silly. Having someone in my life that supports me and my dreams, someone who I can honestly talk to and love is something I wish for everyone. I think if I wouldn’t have spent a lot of time alone and found myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Happiness is so precious.




8 Steps You Need To Take In Order To Love Yourself First


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