Tis the season…for marriage


As a 25-year-old woman and a rather independent one at that, the idea of marriage has always been terrifying. What if he’s not right? What if I screw it up? Is it something I really have to do? Where are all the good guys?

I’ve never been one of those girls to plan my wedding since childhood, honestly it’s only been a recent thought in my mind. (and yes, it still scares the hell out of me) I remember doing a report in high school and finding that somewhere around 50% of all marriage in America end in divorce. Being a child of divorce has turned me into a skeptic. I mean, I personally know of three relationships that have lasted and that are going to last.

It’s scary to think that one of the most sacred things is something that few people take seriously. “To death do us part,” is no joke. A vow is the same as your word, if your vows mean nothing then your word means nothing also. I guess that’s the difference between the many generations alive today.

I guess when it’s meant to be you know it, I hope I’m right.





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