Is organic really better?

Recently I found a shop on a site called Etsy. Buck Naked Soap Company is based in Cambridge, Canada, by a lovely lady named Rina who makes and sells her own organic soaps, shampoos and salt soaks. For years now, I’ve heard about organic this and organic that; so of course I wanted to find out for myself. Upon purchasing a bar of organic shampoo and a jar of salt soak I had quite a few questions.

organic When I contacted Rina, she was the most helpful and so quick to respond and help with any questions or problems I had. I was more than impressed with her customer service. Since she uses her own products, she was able to answer my questions and recommend specific items that would best suit me.

The rhassoul clay shampoo bar I purchased is supposed to help get rid of the shampoo build-up on my scalp and make my hair healthier in general. This product has no phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, and are never tested on animals and are completely 100% vegan.

When I was reading about organic I was intrigued to find a page with numerous pros and cons of both organic and store-bought products. I never knew that how much shampoo really strips the hair and actually damages it instead of “making it fuller”.

I definitely am loving my shampoo bar and with only three washes can tell a huge difference.


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