I love ME

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this life.” Lucille Ball I have only recently become a confident person in myself. Growing up I had a ton of insecurities and it seemed there was always someone there to poke at them and […]

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The epitome of term

Many times on this site I have used pictures of my own cat and dog, but only because they’re just so derpy. My dog, Tator, is definitely the epitome of the term. Goofy, a bit slow, unknowingly special, and weird. He’s such a good dog and it makes it even better when he does something […]

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Wild and free

I love flowers. Dandelions are not weeds to me, they are beautiful, wild flowers. The house I live in is covered by trees and almost nothing grows. The grass is pretty pathetic. I get so jealous of all the neighbors with their flowers and green grass. One day about a week ago, I was looking […]

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It starts with a single memory

Alzheimer’s is no joke. It’s honestly one of the hardest things I’ve watched anyone go through. I haven’t experienced many deaths and for that I am grateful however, I did watch my great-grandma, Grams, deteriorate because of this awful disease. Not only did it effect Grams, but everyone in the family. My grandmother, Marlene, was […]

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Oh the treasures I find.

I love flea markets and thrift stores. The random trinkets and crap you can find is sometimes amazing. I love walking through the door and just exploring the shelves looking at everything before me. Sometimes I’m not so lucky as to find anything worth buying, but other times I find things worthy of a “WTF” […]

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