The dreaming mind and its wonders.


We all have dreams, for some of us they can be super cryptic. I’ve always wondered what mine meant. In search of an explanation, I started keeping a dream journal and found books to explain the symbols in my dreams and nightmares. The first book I found was basically a dictionary of the possible symbols and what they could possibly mean. Ironically titled: Dream Dictionary for Dummies. Like I previously stated, it reads through like a dictionary. If you had a dream about a dog, you look up dog and it goes through the different possible meanings. However, this book didn’t quite satisfy my thirst for the explanation. I started collecting books about dreams when I found Dream Psychology by Sigmund Freud at the Goodwill I worked at. This is a very long book and written in 1920, but it’s interesting how the symbols can still represent the same things. I would love to one day sit down with something who analyses dreams for a living and have them explain the craziness that happens in my mind at night, alas that will have to wait.


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