Technology making us “act a fool”


Why is it that technology reduces adults to acting like children?

My whole life I’ve heard, “the phone works both ways.” So why am I the only one that knows how to pick up the phone and call? With the growth in technology, it seems that not only teenagers and children, but adults too are forgetting how to actually communicate with one another. It’s so much easier to text or to send a message over Facebook than it is to call. When you call, there’s a chance they don’t answer because they’re busy or because they to do not like talking on the phone. Whatever the reason, it’s getting out of hand. I am almost 25 and at this point in my life, I would rather pick up the phone and call whoever I’m wanting to talk to instead of text. Maybe because I don’t get to hear their voices very often or see them for that fact, but texting is just so impersonal. Tones are often misconstrued and misinterpreted, sometimes even when one is not implied. I’ve also started to see a meme cycle around that says, “Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back but when you’re with them they always have their phone in their hands.” It’s so true! I have a couple of friends that do this and I can say that I occasionally do this. If it is someone I don’t necessarily want to chat with at that time, I’ll respond later and make up some excuse. This leads me to wonder how many of us are just lying to each other because of how lazy we are.

On a trip home a few months back, I was at lunch with my boyfriend and grandparents. At the table across the room from us was a couple and their infant child. Sadly as we were leaving, they had just received their food and even though it sat in front of them, they both continued to sit in silence and play on their phones. America is kind of a sad and isolated place when you think of it when it comes to technology.

What’s so wrong with face to face communication?


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