“Music is the art of thinking with sounds.”


It seems like every generation says this, but music now days is becoming something so awful that I can’t stand it! Living in Arkansas, there aren’t many radio stations to listen to anyway, but with the “pop” music and the “country” music, I would rather sit in silence. I’ve always been more of an “alternative” music type and since the only alt radio station down here is a joke, I’ve turned to Pandora. Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to Pandora, currently my favorite station is an old Matchbox 20 station. It plays a lot of the music I loved as a kid and brings back memories and music I can stand to listen to, something that was written with a meaning, something that meant more than making money. When I lived in Illinois, we had a plethora of radio stations to listen to and it was wonderful! The local community college had a station that played literally a little bit of everything. God do I miss my hometown for the radio stations! This got me thinking though, does Tech have a radio station? If not, why? It’s a great field to go into and I’ve heard from several friends that it’s fun and the love doing it.

I understand that in Arkansas, music isn’t the most important thing and that certain types might offend people, but music is another one of those expressions that in some way fits everyone. I’ve always loved music, it’s been an escape for me when I need to shut out the world. I have a friend back home that has music playing literally all the time. If she’s not at work, she has music playing and is looking for new stuff that she hasn’t heard yet. Music is so important to us as a culture and I think it’s sad what it’s turning into. Everyone has their own tastes, but music is in no way the same as it used to be and some of that isn’t for the better.

Why doesn’t Tech have a radio station?





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