Holiday Traditions; Then VS. Now


Christmas has never been my favorite holiday, I don’t have the best memories associated with it, but it doesn’t stop me from decorating and making the most of the day and it’s probably the best example of dying traditions. It seems like when I was a kid and before that, that families took holidays serious and went all out; decorating their houses inside and out, getting together in huge groups with family, and passing down the family traditions. Now days, those traditions seem to be dying out. Families don’t get together, jobs keep some people away from the festivities, and a lot of people just don’t care anymore. It’s sad to think about how some things change over time, for me anyway. Coming from a split home has always made the holidays a challenge, but I’ve tried and still do, to make the most of it. Spending as much time as possible with each side of my family and now my boyfriends family proves to be challenging and exhausting.

I hope that when I have children of my own, I can instill strong and lasting family traditions in them. For me, it’s incredibly sad to see less and less excitement for these days of the year that are supposed to bring us closer together.

Maybe things don’t have to change completely.

United Nations Names the World’s Dying Cultural Traditions


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