Everything is AWESOME!


Lego’s are awesome! My boyfriend and I turn into a couple of 12 year olds when we break out the Lego’s. The first picture is of a box he’s had since he and his brothers were little. The second picture is from kits we’ve recently bought and put together. We have so much fun just sitting on the floor and creating whatever pops into our heads. When the Lego movie came out, of course we went to see it. It was great! Something that adults wouldn’t normally see unless they have small children. I like how it was appropriate for all ages. There was enough subtle adult commentary, but that kids wouldn’t necessarily catch on until later, much like cartoons and shows from when I was a kid(ie. Rocko’s Modern Life, Ren & Stempy, and even Rugrats). Anyway, Lego’s are so much fun. I never really got the chance to play with them as a kid since I’m a girl and girls playing with “boy toys” was frowned upon when I was young. The other day actually, we sat down and did some creating. I made an airplane full of secret agents. There were two hanging from the back of the plane while the pilot and guy at the back had their guns aimed at anyone who would attack. Their mission was to smuggle out a huge missile before it was detonated. It’s so fun to sit down and take your mind off of life and the stresses and pretend. Kids have it so much better! Lego’s allow you to be as creative as possible as long as you have the right pieces.




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