Valentine’s and all that jazz…


(This is my Valentine’s teddy, Gus Fring)

Valentine’s is just another day, this year it happened to be a Saturday. Everyone makes such a huge deal about this Hallmark holiday when some can’t even pronounce it correctly. (Valentime’s…) The holiday has become something so crazy that some people become depressed when they don’t have a “valentine.” Having been around since about the 5th century, Valentine’s day has taken a drastic change from its origins. Named after St. Valentin, “the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy,” which has absolutely nothing to do with what is commonly thought Valentine’s day is about now.

At the end of the day, Valentine’s day has deviated from its original meaning and reasons, becoming a holiday consumed by the men and women who only want the affection, attention and gifts they think this holiday is based on. Sadly, I have had friends who become so depressed during this day and the weeks leading up to it, simply because they don’t have someone to give them a gift or someone to share the day with, but what is the real difference from any other day? If you don’t have someone to spend your days with on a “normal” day then why is this one so different. It’s just another day. If you’re alone, then buy yourself something to bring your spirit up. Valentine’s day is completely out of whack and the expectations are ridiculous.

I hate that people let this holiday affect them in a negative manner. It’s just a regular day!


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