Sleep, an ever-changing pattern.

doge sleep

When we are born, we eat and sleep and poop. Then repeat for a few months. When we are toddlers, we do the same with some added activities like playing and learning, but still a great amount of sleeping. When I was a kid, I could sleep anywhere and through anything; in the car, in weird positions, through all kinds of noises and commotions. Once the naps stop happening, it seems like we start sleeping less and less. There are more activities during the day and if you’re like me, as a teenager you sleep as little as possible. Once I moved out I started taking on two jobs at a time and when I was 23 & 24, I was working two jobs that were completely opposite. So basically, sleep just wasn’t allowed to happen. My body fought the lack of sleep for the first couple of months, but once I got past that, then I felt like I could concur the world with absolutely no sleep. A typical day for me would start at about 7am when I would get off my over night job and head home to get ready for my day job that started at 8am. So for the next eight hours I would work and do everything possible to stay away and keep my energy up, napping on my lunch break instead of eating. Once I got off my day job, I would kill time by hanging out with friends or trying to sleep. I got really good at 15 minute naps. Somehow during this period of time, I managed my two jobs, hanging out with friends, finding a boyfriend and going on actual dates, seeing family, and going to the gym. Looking back on it, I was insane! I’m sure I always looked like death. Now that I have moved and have a regular sleep schedule and routine, I have a hard time sleeping through the night. I wonder if because I deprived myself of sleep for so long, that now my body and mind are better with less sleep. If I sleep for about 4 hours or so, I wake up ready to start my day. Is it true that the older you get, the less sleep you need?


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