“Pretty words aren’t always true and true words aren’t always pretty.”


Journaling is kind of my thing. Since I was about 12, I’ve kept a variety of journals; from quiet time journals, food journals, personal journals and more. When I started keeping a journal, I had been attending a church where when you had personal time with God that you should write, just write whatever you felt about what you read in the bible or what you felt at that time. It was a really good way of expressing myself. When I felt like I didn’t have anyone to relate to or to talk to, I would write and it was better than talking to someone. My journal wouldn’t judge me or make me feel guilty, it would just listen and getting all the feelings onto paper was this great feeling of relief. When I was a bit older and more conscious of food and my size, I tried to keep a food journal, but those are really easy to forget about and blow off. Journaling has always been an escape for me and I love sharing this hobby with my friends. I worked with a girl and we became close and would go out into a nature reserve near her house and we would sit and journal. Anything that we were going through, struggling with, unhappy about, or even the good in our lives. It was a nice way to relate to her and something fun for us to share. In fact, her younger sister was going through some really bad times and we introduced her to her first journal and it helped her when she felt like she had no one.

Journaling is great. Like I said, it’s your friend when you don’t have one, it’s your personally auto-biography, it’s a way to say what you want and not be judged for it.




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