Like mother like daughter, most times…


When girls grow up, their mom is their best friend in the world. Not all of us are so lucky. My mom and I have had a rocky relationship ever since I can remember. I lover her to death, please don’t think I don’t, we just don’t have the typical relationship. I grew up a daddy’s girl and was jealous of all my girlfriends relationships with their mothers. I even, to this day, bond with everyone else’s mom upon meeting them. Maybe we are more alike than I like to realize and that could cause problems with us. When I was 16, our relationship started to grow and we became friends. But mothers and daughters need a boundary or some type of limit. I think because we started out as friends, it was like there was never a child. We still have our ups and downs. It’s just hard when I need her to be a mom and she doesn’t know how to do that. I love her, I just wish she was more of a mom and had been the whole time.


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