Independence is key

“A woman who creates a full, happy life on her own is a lot more inviting than one who looks to a man to create it for her.” -Mandy Hale I moved out when I was 18, unaware and sheltered from the world around me. I had been going to church since I was 12 […]

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Holiday Traditions; Then VS. Now

Christmas has never been my favorite holiday, I don’t have the best memories associated with it, but it doesn’t stop me from decorating and making the most of the day and it’s probably the best example of dying traditions. It seems like when I was a kid and before that, that families took holidays serious […]

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Everything is AWESOME!

Lego’s are awesome! My boyfriend and I turn into a couple of 12 year olds when we break out the Lego’s. The first picture is of a box he’s had since he and his brothers were little. The second picture is from kits we’ve recently bought and put together. We have so much fun just […]

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