Take care of your eyes, no joke!


Eye’s are so important and I recommend to everyone everywhere, take care of your eyes, contacts, glasses or none. I have worn contacts for probably 12 years now and I’ve only had this happen once. I was putting my contacts in one morning and everything seemed swell. When I got to school, during my first class, my eye began to feel irritated. As not recommended, I started to fidget with my eye which only made it so much worse. Being at school for the day with no replacement pair or glasses, I forced myself to suffer thinking my contact tore. The day went on and I finally arrived home and immediately took my contacts out; there was nothing on them and they weren’t torn, so something must have been stuck underneath. I used a warm cloth to sooth my eye and even went to sleep early hoping leaving my eye closed that it would heal faster. Morning came around and when I woke up, my eye would barely open and what I could see was super bloodshot. With this, I leave you with a warning and helpful advice for eye care.




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