OMG, It’s huge!


I don’t like bugs. I don’t like spiders. I don’t like worms, snakes, or many of the creatures that live outside. While cleaning one day, something rolled underneath of my foot when walking around. Immediately, I screamed and started jumping around like a little kid. Not knowing what the hell that was or being able to see it, I ran to wash my foot in case it was slimy or wet or anything. My mind was racing as a scrubbed. “Am I going to die? What was that? Will I have to get my foot cut off? How the hell did that get in the house?!” Needless to say, I was panicking. I went back to find the creature that could possibly cause me my life. I grabbed a plastic container with a lid and proceeded to fret about the living room, thinking this thing could move fast or that it cared to. After capturing it, looking at it and trying to figure out what it was, I got onto Google and looked up the description.

“Green and yellow, horned caterpillar.”

Having never dealt with a caterpillar and always having a weird fear of “crawly-things”, actually finding it was complicated. Where on the first site, I found a similar looking larva that gave me a name to look up.

And then on this second site, I was relieved to find out that I wouldn’t die. At least not today. I continued reading and researching when I became intrigued by this wooly creature.

Not being completely terrified of this foreign, fuzzy thing, I really started looking at it and the detail. I learned that once in their chrysalis stage, they break down into goo pretty much and then reform as a rather large moth. I learned quit a bit that day which led to an interest and love for butterflies and beautiful moths.


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