Jeeps, bro


I’ve always been a fan of Jeeps. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted one of my own and while I still do not technically own one, I occasionally get to drive one. It’s such a different feeling from being in a car to being in a lifted Jeep Rubicon. It’s such a satisfying thing being in such a large vehicle. I feel like I could run over almost anyone in my way. Anyway, I’ve always loved the look of a Jeep and how awesome they really are. Since dating my boyfriend, we’ve had some interesting off-road fun. There was one day when we first started dating and he tried to impress me by driving over a huge snow pile in a mall parking lot. Well, it was fun at first, we lost momentum going up and got stuck. It was a real buzz kill for him and I think a little embarrassing, but he quickly used his witty brain and figured out how to get us unstuck. Using the wench on the front of the Jeep, he tied us to a tree some yards away and was able to pull us out. This story only helps reinforce how reliable and rugged (and sexy) Jeeps are. It’s interesting once you drive a Jeep, you see them everywhere. The folks that drive Jeeps all have an interesting sense of brotherhood. It’s a lifestyle and I can only imagine our next off roading excursion!×4/off-road-guide/#cta-SnowAndMud-Copy_9*


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