Little Sisters


Little sisters are the greatest gift ever. My entire life, I’ve always wanted a sister. Growing up I would always ask my dad for a sisters, most times it was for an older sister which at a young age I didn’t understand why that couldn’t happen. Sadly, there was no one in the picture and I was still without a sister. I’ve always been able to entertain myself and occupy my time. Being an only child can be really boring and lonely. Junior High started and my dad had started dating a woman and it seemed like soon after they were married. Then the best news of my young life, my step mom was pregnant! I was going to be a big sister. Nine months later a wrinkly, little baby girl came out and I sobbed like a fool in love. She was the most precious, small thing I could have ever met. I was immediately obsessed with her and even to this day she is my whole world. Sometimes I think I’m overly protective like she’s my own or something. Eight years sometimes seems like forever, but with Jada growing up so fast and being states away, the time flies. I cherish every second with her, every conversation, and every smile. She is my heart, my baby sister.


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