Crafts are my hobby


A couple of years back in one of my crazy fits of crafting, I decided to create a jar with my best friend. We had moved into an apartment together and became like kids again. Before moving in together, I had acquired a huge jug from a local flea market and had the idea to use it for containing memories and thoughts. We decided that whenever we had friends over, new or old, when we created a new memory or even what we were feeling; we would write it down and add it to the jar. Then at the end of our lease of a year, we would dump the notes and read them all. Unfortunately, I moved out before the lease was up and moved out-of-state. She and I still stay in touch so once I unpacked, I dumped it and sent her pictures and read some of them to her. We laughed and with this new year, I’ve decided again to write my feelings, memories, and thoughts. So until next year to read my see where I’ve landed.

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