Peaceful drives

DSC_0020 DSC_0027

Christmas is a time for family above all else, but I’ve always had issues with family and pleasing all of them during the holidays. Being a child of divorce and 24, I thought by now I would be used to the idea of traveling from house to house, visiting with all of my family and loved ones, but the older I grow, the worse it gets. Now, dating someone and living in another state makes not only getting home for the holidays a challenge but seeing everyone less likely. Luckily most of my family and his family are understanding about our time crunch and that we want so badly to see everyone, but there is only so much time. There is always that one family member. The one whom you want to see because you love her with all your being, but she still complains that the time you set apart for her just isn’t enough. I love my family however, after a week with them, it’s such a pleasant and anxious drive home to get back to normalcy. Back to a calm, slow pace of life. Back to not being in a car for hours upon hours. I’ve come to really love the last leg of our trip back home, since it’s usually night by time we get into the mountains, I rarely get to take pictures of the scenery, but this trip home from Christmas was different. The sun was setting and we had come across the Buffalo River. (We hope to float it this summer.) I was able to capture a great reflection of the bluffs in the river below. It was a great reminder of how home really is where the heart is. As long as you’re happy, you can make the best memories and a beautiful scene can calm and relax the most uptight of people, or at least me.


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