Exploring nature

Growing up in a small, quiet and utterly boring town in Southern Illinois is nothing to be desired. The most entertaining this to do is shop at the Target or drink downtown with all the people I’ve known my whole life. Once you’ve gone broke spending your entire pay on things you’ll never use or you’ve spent it all bar hoping, there isn’t much else to do. However occasionally, on a warm, sunny day a hike is the best remedy for boredom and an empty wallet. There’s a place in the bluffs in between Grafton and Godfrey, called the Nature Institute that offers a variety of trails and amazing views. I developed a great love for day hikes and star gazing at night. When I found out I would be moving to Arkansas, I was mildly saddened when I wouldn’t be able to hike my beloved trails anytime soon. Arriving in Arkansas I had no clue that the “Natural State” had to offer. In July, I was able to see the fireworks from the top of Mt. Nebo. It was a new experience to watch fireworks explode below me. I am intrigued to spend a weekend and hike all the way from the bottom to the top. This new hobby has many benefits that I look forward to and at the top of my list are the beauty of the scenery and the health benefits of getting off my butt.




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