OMG, It’s huge!

I don’t like bugs. I don’t like spiders. I don’t like worms, snakes, or many of the creatures that live outside. While cleaning one day, something rolled underneath of my foot when walking around. Immediately, I screamed and started jumping around like a little kid. Not knowing what the hell that was or being able […]

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Take care of your eyes, no joke!

Eye’s are so important and I recommend to everyone everywhere, take care of your eyes, contacts, glasses or none. I have worn contacts for probably 12 years now and I’ve only had this happen once. I was putting my contacts in one morning and everything seemed swell. When I got to school, during my first […]

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Jeeps, bro

I’ve always been a fan of Jeeps. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted one of my own and while I still do not technically own one, I occasionally get to drive one. It’s such a different feeling from being in a car to being in a lifted Jeep Rubicon. It’s such a satisfying thing […]

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Crafts are my hobby

A couple of years back in one of my crazy fits of crafting, I decided to create a jar with my best friend. We had moved into an apartment together and became like kids again. Before moving in together, I had acquired a huge jug from a local flea market and had the idea to […]

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Furry Little Friends

I love animals. My favorite is the huge, fluffy cat in the above picture. I’ve had cats my entire life, but he may ranks far above the rest. His name is Hatter and he will be 4 in May. He is the only kitten I’ve raised from a baby. He is spoiled and huge and […]

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Little Sisters

Little sisters are the greatest gift ever. My entire life, I’ve always wanted a sister. Growing up I would always ask my dad for a sisters, most times it was for an older sister which at a young age I didn’t understand why that couldn’t happen. Sadly, there was no one in the picture and […]

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Books on books on books

I myself am not an avid reader. I think I enjoy the touch and smell better than the content. I wish I could sit down and fall in love with the pages in front of me, but it takes more time for me to sit and read and get immersed than it does most people. […]

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