Close friends are a rare find

Since moving to a new state, away from my entire family and family, away from all the comforts of home and most everyone I’ve ever met, I’ve started to realize how hard it is to make friends that are worth a damn.

I think I’ve always been a little socially awkward and have always found it challenging to fit in with the “normal” kids. Now as an adult I’ve definitely realized how much I cherish the few friends I do have back home. I keep seeing this picture on Facebook and Instagram which is nice in theory, but when you have a hard time making friends or at least friends worth your time, having friends far away is almost more discouraging than it is helpful.

When I’m feeling sad or lonely I think it lingers longer since I don’t have any close friend here with me. It’s hard. Texting and phone calls only do so much. Nothing compares to a drive down a winding road with your best friends, screaming along with the radio and the windows down.

Certain times throughout the year makes me miss them even more. The holidays when we do travel home are bittersweet because someone always gets left out, usually due to time restraints but so far it hasn’t gotten any easier.

When I was younger I had a pretty large group of who I thought were friends, but looking back they were mostly acquaintances who only lasted a month or so. There were a couple that stuck around for years, but even now, one person is left. She is my bestest best friend. I love her to pieces and we’ve been through more than I could ever imagine. She’s one of those weird people who I feel completely comfortable around. IMG_59038423864420

I guess I never realized how important friends were until moving. Growing up I always dream’t of leaving my home town and thought about how much I hated it there, it wasn’t until recently I found how much I miss “home,” everyone and everything I left behind. I think now I know more than ever what these people mean to me.

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A weird Saturday spent adulting

This past Saturday was spent being an adult and doing grown up things. This to most probably sounds incredibly boring, but I am not like most adults. I think I’m still working on the whole, “acting my age” thing.

1Saturday started slowly, as the sun lurked through the clouds. Being the child-like adults we are, Dave and I decided getting out the house was a necessity to ward off the boredom.

With full bellies and adventure in our eyes, we departed around 12:30 ready for some fun.


With no real direction in mind, we sort of aimlessly drove through town.

Wondering about, we happened upon a fire. When we saw it, it looked like a house had possibly burnt down. 34

I thought this truck fit us perfectly. “We’re different.” We are, it’s what I like most about us.

The more we drove, the more restless I started to get plus there was a bit of road rage building up(and I wasn’t even driving).

So what do you do when you get bored but don’t want to go home?


Get a car wash. It’s a quick and colorful distraction.



Our little car almost didn’t make it over the bumps that hold your car in place. It’s definitely no lifted Jeep.

Car washes are peaceful. They’re one of those times when it feels necessary to turn the radio down and just watch and listen.


It’s also nice to have a car worthy of a nice, colorful wash.



I honestly don’t think automatic car washes last long enough. And my personal opinion is that they need to get something to better clean the wheel wells. (Only adult opinion of the day)

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Tattoo lip stain


So I found this new lip stain in a video on Facebook(maybe I should get a life, probably not) and thought I had to try it out.

For the last couple of years I’ve been pretty fascinated with lipsticks and lip stains. I don’t wear them often lately though because most come off and look awful if you can’t immediately reapply. I’ve been hoping for some magical thing to come along and finally! It’s here!

After watching a tutorial about how to apply this miracle lip stain I had to find it. Since I don’t have a subscription to Memebox or an Ipsy Glam Bag or any of those sample kits, I took to and found it!

Initially, my skeptical side reared its sarcastic head. To make sure I was doing it correctly, I re-watched the original video I found a few times since the instructions are not in English.

Applying it for the first time, the only struggle I had was trying not to drool and I guess getting it pretty precise. I would recommend if you think you’ll have a problem with drooling as well that you lie on your back(it helps, promise). So after letting it dry for probably longer than suggested, I peeled it off and it actually worked!


Since I applied this wonderful gift from the makeup gods later in the day, I couldn’t get a good idea of how long it lasted and looked good. I decided that I wanted to try it again the next day. Word to the wise, if you choose to reapply the next day, make sure that if you have any dead skin on your lips that you get it off. Sadly I made this mistake. So not realizing that I had some chapped lips, I applied this, waited the proper amount of time and started to peel the gloss off. When I got it all off is when I realized that the color and dead skin peeled off when I peeled the gloss off. Kind of ew, but lesson learned. If you don’t want splotchy lips, then make sure you have time and that your lips aren’t the least bit chapped.

The moral of the story is that this stuff really does work! The color is great and it lasts through eating and drinking and cute little kisses.

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Put your phone down and go outside

How often do we all just sit and stare at our phones wasting a beautiful day inside?

I know for me personally I’ll notice how amazing it is outside and think that I should enjoy it, but then I don’t. I’ll start working on something, cleaning the house or some homework assignment, but most times I usually end up inside watching tv or playing on my phone avoiding my homework.

Why though? Why have we become so lazy and so easily bored?

There are a ton of kids in my neighborhood but it seems like the only ones I hear or see playing are the ones next door. It makes me glad though, sometimes it’s mildly annoying but I’m glad their mom either makes them go out or they do it on their own.

So why is being outside such an improvement to staying in?

Studies show playing outside can not only help children exercise but can improve vision and social skills. Maybe that’s something I missed out on. I’m uncomfortably awkward and have terrible vision. I was the only kid in a neighborhood full of older couples. It was lonely but what can you do about it now.

It’s more beneficial to go outside and get a little dirty than it is to stay inside and become lazy and boring! Go outside!

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

Have you heard about this yet?

If not, do you have the internet? (kidding)

A fairly new concept, the Teal Pumpkin project is aimed at helping all children enjoy Halloween. I think this is fantastic. I do not personally have any known food allergies but in the past few years it seems to have either become more common or is becoming more common in children especially.

So what is this project?

It’s pretty simple. In order to include all children you would purchase candy for the children who can have candy and non-food items for the ones who may have some allergy or cannot have candy. This first step was a challenge for me. I love crafting and think it’s important for developing patience and hand-eye coordination and just developing a creative mindset. The next step is almost more than simple, paint a pumpkin teal. This is my first year trying the teal pumpkin project and I still wanted to carve my pumpkin, so I did.unnamed (2)I’m hoping that children and parents can see that it is teal once it grows dark. The awesome thing about the internet is that folks have created signs to print out and post. Since seeing colors in the dark can be challenging, I’m fully prepared for an epic Halloween!

I’m hoping that many people in the area that bring their children out on Halloween will have heard about this great idea. I have awesome treats that aren’t sweets!

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I learned I think back in high school the meaning and where is started, but I don’t think I ever learned where and when pumpkin carving came about.

While researching the topic I found out that jack-o-lantern’s originate from an Irish folktale. “Stingy Jack” was the nickname of a man who deceived the devil multiple times and seemed to have lived a very depressing and lonely life even after death.

Dating back even further, I found a story dating back to 700 B.C. This story tells of ancient Druids who believed dead souls would return to “mingle with the living on ‘hallowed eve.'”

unnamed (1)I found quite a few more stories, it looks like most cultures and religions have their own stories as to the origin of either Halloween or where pumpkin carving started and how.

I’ve loved Halloween since I was a kid. Getting to dress up and be whatever you want and free candy. Now days I think for kids it’s almost more about free candy and staying up late to eat it. And maybe dressing up as your favorite character and getting to wear it in public. As an adult it seems to be about getting drunk while dressed up as say maybe, the SNL Spartan Cheerleaders.unnamed Why is it that we no longer celebrate where the holidays come from?

I guess when I start having kids, I’ll start new traditions and teach them the real meaning of holidays and we’ll celebrate the history that has brought us to what we have today.

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Jerry Springer is my spirit animal

Why is it that “trash” tv is so entertaining?

Personally, it makes me feel more sane and like my life isn’t as screwed up as I sometimes think it is. When I’m feeling down I like to watch these random people who are dumb enough for their fifteen-minutes of fame and get a good laugh in.

It seems like most tv anymore is trash. Doing some research, I realized that most of the shows I’ve watched in my young life are truly garbage. My boyfriend likes to make fun of me when he catches me watching Jerry Springer, which I have to admit that it has become the same thing everyday, but who doesn’t love watching people embarrass themselves. It makes anytime I feel embarrassed, less embarrassing. Funny how that works.

I think it’s funny when folks try to tell you that trash tv is a problem. Tv has become a mind numbing and boring activity. It’s what you do to veg out after a long day at work or when you become so behind in your homework that the only option is to avoid it more. (ok, maybe not that last one) But tv has to have some catch otherwise it wouldn’t be around anymore.

Many tv stations have gone from truly wonderful things like when MTV first came out to the “trendy” bullshit it is today. Do they even play good music anymore?

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